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a. Admission Rules:
Pupils to the various classes are admitted from 1st April to 30th June only, except in case of transfer from any Atomic Energy Central School.
b. Admission Test:
The pupils are admitted on the basis of a test only except Class 1. Pupils (up to class 8) coming from Atomic Energy Central Schools and Kendrya Vidyalays are exempted from the admission test provided they submit a satisfactory academic record along with their transfer certificate
c. Birth certificate:
Birth certificate extract from the Muncipal / Panchayat Register / issued by the village Headman, Sarparnch of Gram Panchayat is to be countersigned by the Revenue Officer / Panchayat Gazetted Officer of the concerned area or an affidavit from the first class magistrate should be produced . The birth Certificate should essentially contain the name of the child and the name of parent with initials.
d. Transfer certificate:
Those seeking new admission as well as those coming from other AEC school will have to produce a valid school leaving certificate from the school attended last. In case this is not an Atomic Energy Central School, the certificate should be endorsed by the District Education Officer of the District or the Assistant Commissioner, KVS as the case may be
e. Age of admission
The student will not be admitted to the secondary School certificate Examination unless he/ she completes the age of 15 years as on 31st of the year in which he/she is due to appear for the examination. The age of admission in the AEC School should be as indicated below (Should complete the age on March 31st of the year in which admission is sought)

Class 1 - 5 years as on 31st March