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1. Tuition Fee & PUVVN will be charged for all the twelve months for those who are admitted in 21-12-1. The students joining mid session will pay the fees from the month in which they are admitted provided they have paid fees in the previous school & they are coming from AEC schools only.
2. The class Teachers will collect the fees without and with fine on the schedule given. There after defaulters names will be struck off the rolls. In such cases re – admission will be given on payment of dues plus re-admission fess of Rs 10/- in the office on any day of the month. Re admission is not automatic.
3. In case any of the fee dates happens to be holiday the fees will be collected on the next working day.
4. After the fee collection, the teacher will remit the same to the office immediately and issue the receipt to the pupils.
5. In case receipt is not given to the student before the end of the last period of the day the matter may be brought to the notice of the Head of the School.
6. Fees will be collected in two installments in April and October 2016 from all cases.


Fee Waivers/ Concession/ Expemption

a) All girl students and students who belong to SC/ST categories of DAE & NON-DAE are exempted from tuition fee for classes pre – preparatory to XII
b) PUVNN fee has to be paid by all categories of students except girl students who are eligible for concession.
c) The students who claim for the PUVNN concession have to produce an affidavit on a stamp paper of Rs 20/- indicating the status of number of children in the family.
d) SC/ ST category students of all classes are exempted from the payment of tuition fee, term fee, science fee and annual exam fee.
e) To avail the fee concession at (c & d) above, the parent/ guardian will have to submit an application every year enclosing a copy of the caste certificate in the name of the student. The concession will not be available otherwise.
f) Girl student of all classes all categories are exempted from the payment of tuition fees.
g) Whenever admission is sought the applicants of all categories will pay the cost of admission form Rs. 25/-
h) Re-admission fee for classes I to X is Rs 10/-and for classes XI & XII is Rs. 20/-
i) The children/ wards of DAE employees who retire on superannuation or die/ become invalidated while in service, will be charged normal rate of tuition fee on par with DAE wards.
j) The children/ wards of DAE employees, who opt for voluntary retirement, may be allowed to continue to study for the remaining period of the academic year at the normal rate of fees. The case of such students, who continue their studies further in the AEC school, will be examined on merit basis and charged as per the decision of AEES.
k) The children / wards of DAE employees who resign or take compulsory retirement or get terminated at any time during the academic year , will be charged higher rate of fees applicable to Non-DAE cases with effect from the month of such event